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Join other stroke survivors in the path to recovery


These are exciting times for people with stroke. Now more than ever we understand the causes of stroke, and several decades of scientific research have now shown that the brain can recover functions lost after stroke. Stroke survivors are fighting back! In this section you will find important information about the process stroke rehabilitation and about its potential to become the ticket to regaining your life after stroke.
  1. Life After a Stroke
  2. Physical Recovery
  3. Psychological Recovery

Life After a Stroke

Stroke survivors have numerous options when it comes to going back to work, traveling, resuming recreational activities and driving. Learn how to continue to live a balanced life after a stroke.

Physical Recovery

The key to stroke rehabilitation is in being active and in relearning the activities that made your life full, and happy, before your stroke. Learn why it is so important to stay active after a stroke, and to participate in institutional and self imposed rehabilitation programs.

Psychological Recovery

Sometimes the psychological challenges caused by a stroke are even greater than the physical challenges. Learn about the different emotional experiences and difficulties that affect stroke survivors, and learn to see things in a different way so that you too can rapidly bounce back and start living once again

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