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Stroke Treatment


The stroke treatment that is chosen by your doctors varies depending on the type of stroke you or someone you know suffered, and its cause. Knowing about the options can help you be a more active participant in your own, or your loved one's care.
  1. Stroke Hospitals
  2. Medical Treatments
  3. Surgical Treatments

Stroke Hospitals

Advances in stroke care have brought to life the concept of the Stroke Center, a group of people from different areas of a hospital who work together to diagnose, manage, and rehabilitate stroke patients. This group of articles describes what resources hospitals are required to have before they can become stroke centers, and why these superb facilities provide superior care for their patients, and their communities.

Medical Treatments

The majority of strokes are treated with medications. In addition to weighing the above factors, doctors also consider how long before treatment the stroke occurred when selecting a drug for a patient.

Surgical Treatments

Some strokes can only be treated surgically. While drugs carry their own risks, performing a surgery to treat a stroke brings a whole other set of concerns to the table. Still, these procedures can be life-saving.

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