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Stroke Rehabilitation

The road to recovery after a stroke varies on the person facing the challenge. Some after effects of a stroke may be able to be rehabilitated, while others may be more long-lasting or permanent.

Computers Help in Stroke Recovery
A new study describes computer assisted stroke rehabilitation, one of the many new advances in stroke care.

Speech Ability: Aphasia Treatment
Aphasia is a disturbance in the production, processing, or understanding of language due to brain damage, most commonly from stroke. Related treatment is an extremely important aspect of life after a stroke.

Driving After a Stroke
What to consider before resuming driving after a stroke

Going Back to Work After A Stroke

Limb Movement: Constraint Induced Therapy
This type of therapy forces a person to use their dysfunctional limb as much as possible in order to improve its function.

Swallowing Function: Dysphagia Therapy
Dysphagia therapy is a critical for the recovery of swallowing function after injury to the brain from a stroke or other causes.

The Three Phases of Swallowing
Learn about the three phases of swallowing

Swallowing Exercises
Here, some different exercises developed by dysphagia rehabilitation experts.

Jaw Exercises
Here you'll find three simple exercises that can help your regain your jaw strength and return a great deal of your swallowing ability.

Lip Exercises
Swallowing is a complicated neurological reflex that involves the coordinated activity of many muscles, including the lips.

Tongue Exercises
The tongue is a key participant in the mechanism of swallowing, and it too may need to be retrained.

What Are the Goals of Hemiplegia Rehabilitation?
What are the goals of hemiplegia rehabilitation?

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