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Find Stroke Support

Whether it was you or your family member who suffered a stroke, this is a life-changing experience that will undoubtedly leave you feeling overwhelmed. Find others who have survived a similar situation, and nurture yourself with wisdom and support from their experiences.

Find a Stroke Support Group in Your Area
This helpful resource from the American Stroke Association allows you to find support groups in your area.

American Heart Association Support Groups
The American Heart Association Provides links to a variety of support groups across the country. Find the support group that is right for you.

Generation S- Stroke Survivors
This website provides an informal and interactive way to receive information and to share stories with other young stroke survivors.

Young Enthusiastic Stroke Survivors-YESS
This uplifting group of youngsters is determined to conquer life after stroke. Visit its website to learn more about how to participate in the activities organized by this wonderful group of kids.

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