1. Health

Stroke Basics

What happens during a stroke, how to recognize a stroke, the symptoms and treatment.

Vitamins and Herbs That Cause Stroke

Some vitamins and herbs can increase the risk of stroke. Learn which vitamins to be careful of and stick with the recommended doses.

9 Facts About Telemedicine That Everyone Should Know

Telemedicine is a new method of health care delivery. Find out what you need to know about telemedicine.

Silent Stroke

News of a silent stroke is distressing- but it is not the end of the world.

What Would You do if You Thought You Were Having a Stroke?

A stroke scare can turn out to be something else. Learn which other conditions can seem similar to a stroke.

July- It is Time for You to Play Medical Student

What do you think is wrong with this patient? Do you think you should order any diagnostic tests and, if so, which diagnostic tests?


Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves. It can cause pain, weakness or numbness.

Types of Imaging Studies for Stroke

A variety of different x-rays and imaging studies are used for examination of the brain when someone is being evaluated for a stroke.

Warning- Too Many Miracle Breakthroughs!

Health information is abundant- and often incorrect. Tips for staying sane amid all of the health tips.

Turning to Botox After a Stroke

Botox injection is known as a cosmetic procedure but it has been used to treat muscle contractures and spasticity for many years.

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