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Stroke 101

For many, stroke is only something they learn about after they or a loved one has been affected. Here are some references to get you started understanding the complexities of stroke.

What Is Stroke?
Stroke is a sudden impairment in brain function. One may suffer an inability to speak or speak clearly, walk, or move a limb because blood has stopped flowing to an area of the brain.

Stroke 911
When to call for help if you think you or someone else might be having a stroke.


Don't miss stroke symptoms!
Stroke symptoms may be difficult to recognize. Often, it is difficult for those experiencing a stroke to communicate, making it very difficult to ask for help. Some tips for stroke victims and their companions.

Symptoms of Stroke
Stroke symptoms usually come on suddenly, and should always be treated as a medical emergency.

How a Stroke Is Diagnosed
Stroke diagnosis is relatively straightforward, but it requires the rapid combination of medical personnel, technology, and at times, a little bit of luck so that all the testing can be done on time and appropriate treatment can be offered.

Stroke Prognosis

Mini Stroke
A mini stroke is a TIA. It improves on its own but must be promptly evaluated becuase it can progress to a stroke and it is a warning sign of high stroke risk.

Stroke Copycats: When Symptoms Mean Something Different
Symptoms of stroke that go away in less than 24 hours usually mean a "mini stroke" has occurred. But, doctors must also consider if what was experienced was in fact another condition entirely.

What Is a Watershed Stroke?
Watershed strokes affect brain areas that are at high risk of developing transient lack of blood flow during extreme drops of blood pressure.

What Is a Lacunar Stroke?
Lacunar strokes are strokes caused by the occlusion of a small branch of a larger blood vessel.

Which Types of Strokes Are the Most Deadly?
Some strokes are mild, but others are so dangerous and severe they can rapidly lead to death.

What Are the Symptoms of an Occipital Stroke?
Occipital stroke and its symptoms - Learn about the different symptoms brought on by an occipital stroke

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