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Stroke symptoms and diagnosis--All about the symptoms and diagnosis of stroke


Stroke is a treatable condition which can affect anyone, young or old. Knowing about the symptoms of stroke, and about its diagnosis, can help you decide when to seek medical attention, and prevent you or your loved one from a lifetime of physical impairment. The basic information about stroke symptoms, and its diagnosis is information you cannot afford to miss.
  1. Stroke 911
  2. Stroke symptoms
  3. Who's at risk?
  4. Hemorrhagic Strokes
  5. Stroke Diagnosis

Stroke 911

What to do when you think you or someone you know might be having a stroke.

Stroke symptoms

What would you feel if you suffered a stroke?

Strokes symptoms can vary from mundane illnesses such as dizziness or headache, to unusual and bizarre ones, such as the sudden inability to speak or to understand others when they speak. Learn about the many different ways a stroke can show up in someone's life, and about why it is so important to seek prompt medical attention when they occur.

Who's at risk?

Cholesterol plaques can precipitate a stroke

Depending on your medical history, your daily habits, and your genetic composition, you too can be at risk of stroke. In this section you will find out who is at risk of stroke and what you can do to keep yourself stroke free.

Hemorrhagic Strokes

A stroke caused by bleeding in the brain

Most strokes are caused by insufficient blood flow to one part of the brain. But a minority are caused due to bleeding. These are called hemorrhagic strokes. Learn the many causes of hemorrhagic strokes, their symptoms, their diagnosis, and their treatments.

Stroke Diagnosis

MRI is widely used in stroke diagnosis

An early diagnosis of stroke is a key component for its successful treatment. Learn about the different ways strokes are diagnosed and why it is so important that a diagnosis is made within minutes after a stroke occurs.

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